In April 2020 the CLL Advocates Network became a member of WECAN, the Workgroup of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks, and informal workgroup of leaders of the 24 pan-European cancer patient umbrella organisations.

WECAN was established to create new opportunities:

  • Coordination and cooperation: WECAN provides the opportunity for leaders of pan-European cancer patient umbrella organisations to meet and discuss ideas and build consensus.
  • Efficiency: WECAN provides a forum to discuss how and when to collaborate, to share information and workload reporting back to the group to increase transparency.
  • Diversity and representativeness: As the number of meetings increases they cannot include a representative of all key indications, WECAN provides a platform where organisations can share information and a collective voice.
  • Fostering new advocates: WECAN creates opportunities to involve and develop new cancer patient advocacy leaders and more capacity building.


The following three Steering Committee Members represent the CLL Advocates Network within WECAN:

  • Nick York (main representative)
  • Pierre Aumont (first alternate representative)
  • Michael Rynne (second alternate representative)

To learn more about WECAN, please visit the WECAN website.