Community Forum

In April 2020, the CLLAN launched its Community Forum for members and participants of CLL Horizons conferences for exchange and good practice sharing during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Since we are unable to meet in the foreseeable future and therefore need to choose other channels to connect, share and learn, the forum is a good opportunity to come together and engage. Let others know where your country is in the cycle of COVID-19 pandemic. Let´s share challenges and best practises on COVID-19 and general CLL advocacy topics (how to develop sustainable networks, how to engage with clinical groups, etc.)

Let´s all stand together. Let´s all engage.

If you are interested in joining the forum but are not a member or CLL Horizons 2019 participant, you can either apply for membership by filling in the membership form (before doing so, please make sure you fulfil the eligibility criteria that you will also find in the membership section on our website) OR contact our Project Manager Nicole at who will process your request asap.