CLL Horizons Conferences

CLLAN continued to build on the successful collaborations between the CLL clinical community during iwCLL19 and CLL Horizons 2019 in Edinburgh. The next in-person CLL Horizons is in planning and set up for Krakow in September 2021 to coincide and collaborate with the next iwCLL international conference. Hosting Horizons 2021 alongside iwCLL21 again will aid delivery of the CLLAN objective of inclusion of patient sessions in the main plenary agenda of iwCLL. Hosting CLL Horizons alongside iwCLL also offers efficiency savings and availability of speakers and the latest science.

Important note: given the current situation, it is difficult (if not impossible) to predict if a regular in-person conference will be possible for all interested participants in 2021. We might have to consider a combination of both digital and in-person, i.e. split between in-person and digital attendance to make the conference more widely available for immune-compromised participants.

Since there will not be an in-person CLL Horizons Conference in 2020, we plan to carry on digital workshops that follow up from CLL Horizons 2019 sessions and digital capacity building webinars in place of CLL HZ20.